Bass Lake

May 21, 2015
Bass Lake view

Living in the heart of Hollywood can definitely take a toll on you; thus, one of the main reasons I enjoy quiet retreats every so often. This past Thanksgiving, I went on a weeklong getaway in Bass Lake, a four and a half hour drive North of Los Angeles. Situated in the Sierra National Forest, Bass Lake is approx. 13 miles from the South entrance of Yosemite National Park. Being surrounded by nature is pure bliss and the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city living. We stayed at the Worldmark Bass Lake  in a two-bedroom townhome that faced a vast field with a dirt path and trees that led to a picturesque Bass Lake.

Bass Lake trail

Path to Bass Lake

Although a good portion of the lake was dried up, I still enjoy the magnificent mountain views and a bit of change in leaf color on the trees. The weather was a little warmer than expected, but we enjoyed the nice brisk air and by late afternoon the temperature dropped. Being from the East Coast, I miss the spectacular Fall days so this was a gift to experience some Fall weather.

Bass Lake

View of Bass Lake

Dried Bass Lake

Dried portion of the lake

After “vegging out” for a couple days doing absolutely nothing, we made our way to Yosemite National Park to check out the noble giants in Mariposa Grove. Walking amongst the majestic beauty of the Sequoia trees felt like a magical forest in a storybook.

Yosemite National Park

Noel and my daughter in front of a giant Sequoia.

Sequoia tree

Base of a fallen Sequoia tree

Sequoia Yosemite Park

Mariposa Grove

If you’re lucky enough to find a path with no people, you can experience the stillness of the forest with only the sounds of birds chirping. I was excited when we came across several deer eating the surrounding vegetation…there’s nothing like being one with nature!

Yosemite National Park wildlife

Wildlife in Yosemite National Park

About a half mile hike into the forest was one of the most popular trees, The Grizzly Giant, and then a little further, the California Tunnel Tree – both great photo ops! As much as I would have loved to have hiked more, a back injury prevented me from doing so, but I was pleased with all we did get to experience.

Grizzly Giant Sequoia

Me in front of the Grizzly Giant

tunnel sequoia tree

California Tunnel Tree

Another fun treat just outside of Bass Lake is the Yosemite Mountain Sugar Pine Railroad. A historic 3 ft. narrow gauge railroad with a steam train locomotive. This was a highlight as we rode through the Sierra National Forest learning about the history of the railroad and the lumberjacks during the late 1800’s to early 1900’s.

Yosemite Sugar Pine Railroad

Yosemite Sugar Pine Railroad

Check out the video to listen to the sounds of the locomotive:

I can’t wait to return to Bass Lake. I’ve added it onto my list of my restful retreats. Eventually, I’ll get around to creating a list for you. But for now, Bass Lake is a great spot to visit if you’re a nature lover like myself.

Do you have a restful retreat? Please share…

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