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Suitcase Travel Tips

June 11, 2015

Summer is here and for us daily grinders (especially those of us with kids), it means we are ready to travel!

Here are a few travel tips for your suitcase when traveling by air:

1. Have labels for your suitcase. Generally, suitcases come with labels attached, but if not then no worries, the airlines typically will have labels readily available at the airport. To save myself time and headache from filling out the labels, I come prepared with sticker labels that I print at home w/our name, address, contact phone, and email. Once I get to the airport all I have to do is stick them on the label and I’m done.

2. Place your contact information inside your suitcase. What happens if your label breaks off your suitcase? To avoid this mishap, print on a sheet of paper your contact information and put a copy in each of your bags. Don’t forgot your carry-on! You never know if they insist you have to check it so you want to be prepared.

3. Decorate your suitcase. Have you ever noticed how many suitcases are black and blue? Well, if you’re in the market for a new suitcase then you may want to consider a different color like red, green or bright purple. Something that will stick out from the crowd and easier to detect at baggage claim. Those of you who have the standard black or blue, like myself, then find a nice big colored ribbon to tie onto your bags.

Got any tips you want to share? Do tell below.

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