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Bali Orphanage in Need of Help

September 17, 2015
Orphanage in Bali, Indonesia

While vacationing in Bali over the Summer, we took time to visit a small orphanage that is in need of help. The owners, Zepta Paimun Yefta, his wife and daughter gave us a tour of the facility to show us how they are trying to make additions to their orphanage which currently hosts twenty kids.

The kids were absolutely adorable and very sweet! They were generous in letting us photograph them and loved it when Noel entertained them with magic tricks. I immediately fell in love with the youngest girl who was only five years old. Click on the link below and it will take you to our donation page with photos of the orphanage and kids.

The goal is to raise $7,000 USD to help them complete renovations plus milk for the kids for an entire year. Noel and I set up a fundraiser page via Crowdrise.

Any donation amount helps.

We will keep everyone updated via Facebook with their progress so you can see your donation hard at work.

Please share with others so we can reach our goal.


CLICK HERE for Donation Page.

Visiting Bali Orphanage

Noel doing magic for the kids.

Bali Orphanage in Indonesia

Posing with the owners, Zepta Paimun Yefta, his wife, Ni Luh Wartini, and the three youngest orphans.

The daughter, Raith Mirmala Zepta

The daughter, Raith Mirmala Zepta

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