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December 1, 2015
Clear Lake

After 10 hours of being on the road (including a few stops), we finally arrived at Clear Lake. The last time we were in Clear Lake was in 2012 as shown in one of my favorite pics from a Flashback Friday. One of the reasons we love coming here is because of its tranquility and nature. There is not a whole heck of a lot to do during the Fall/Winter season so we’re forced doing what we don’t get to do enough of and that’s relax. The views are magnificent and we were able to score a Lake View.

Window View WorldMark Clear LakeNothing like waking up early morning and sitting out on the balcony with an incredible view to meditate, drink coffee (or a mimosa), and work on this blog post. There is something magical about listening to the waves gently caressing the shore, rare birds chirping, and ducks quacking; being in nature soothes my soul.

Lake View - WorldMark Clear Lake

We stayed at the Worldmark Clear Lake located in Nice, CA. I love staying at Worldmark vacation properties as it offers the comforts of home, such as a kitchen, living room, and bedrooms. It’s best to bring your own food as the mom & pop markets have select items at steep prices. We filled up a cooler with super sized ice packs to transport refrigerated items. The property offers a variety of activities such as a game room, movie rentals, swimming pool/jacuzzi, basketball, and volleyball. My personal favorite was the wine tasting the resort hosted for two nights. Many guests were equipped with fishing poles to go fishing at the lake; however, I don’t know if anyone actually caught anything. During the Summer, there are several water activities one can participate on the lake.

WorldMark Clear Lake

WorldMark Clear LakeWe thoroughly enjoyed our walks by the Lake and on the pier. Coming from Hollywood, it’s pure ecstasy to indulge in the sounds of nature while taking in the sublime views. The duck community loved Noel and my daughter as they fed them bread regularly. These ducks are by no means people shy.

Feeding the ducks at Clear LakeDuck Feeding at Clear Lake

Duck at Clear Lake

What an amazingly relaxing way to spend the Thanksgiving weekend. I am truly thankful to have had the time. I’ll leave you with this nighttime view of the pier with the sun setting.

sunset at Clear Lake

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