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Living with Oscar

February 23, 2016

This weekend is Oscar weekend and living in the heart of Hollywood, well,  you can only imagine the hell I go through this time of year. It may sound exciting to some, and trust me, after the first couple of years it was. But now that the glitz and glam has washed away, I’m a lot less thrilled with the experience. Starting this Friday, the lockdown will begin on my street. Barricades will be set up on each end of the street with security.

I live on the West side entrance of Hollywood & Highland where all the press trailers are clustered. So when people say to me, “Oh, you’re so lucky that you live right by the Dolby Theatre!” I reply with a snicker as I don’t see much of anything. Walking around and watching the set up is pretty cool, but the weekend of the event it’s difficult to get out and about to do anything. Generally, I declare it Oscar lockdown weekend, but the past couple of years I’ve gotten a little bold and wandered off the day before.

One year I tried to walk around on Oscar Sunday to to where the limos pull up and drop off celebrities, but the barricades were insane and so were the people. I decided the best spot for viewing was on my couch in front of the good ‘ole boob tube.

Oscar Red Carpet

It has been a dream of mine to be one of the crazed fans in the Oscar bleachers with a clear shot of celebrities on the red carpet, but post 9/11 it’s become a process to even be considered a fan. It’s been a while since I’ve applied, but if you’re interested in being considered for a spot on the Oscar bleachers, then you’ll need to complete an application. The application posted in the past on the website some time in September.

If you are fortunate enough to become an Oscar “chosen one,” then a FBI background check is required. After that, I would imagine all the details of what to expect for your arrival in February are provided. I also remember the application was good for only two people. A lot could have changed since that time, but now that I’m writing about it, I may give it a go for next year.

Oscars at Dolby Theatre

If you do decide to visit Hollywood during Oscar time, keep in mind that the closer the date of the Oscars, the more Hollywood Blvd. becomes unaccessible. If you have a desire to see the Chinese Theatre, and take a stroll on the main part of the Blvd., then Oscar weekend is not for you. Also, keep in mind that hotels book up quickly so it would be wise to arrange plans way in advance.

The Oscars in Hollywood

Note: My photos were taken of past Oscar events. I haven’t had the opportunity to venture out to take pics of this year!

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