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6 Tips on How To Attend a Travel Show

March 2, 2016
Travel Adventure Show

Last weekend I attended the Los Angeles Travel Adventure Show at the Long Beach Convention Center. I’ve been to travel shows in the past, but this one was one of the largest I’ve attended. There were tons of exhibitors providing information on travel in California and destinations across the globe. The travel show lasted for two days, Saturday and Sunday, and provided a chock-full of live demonstrations and presentations.

Unfortunately, we arrived towards the end of the event with only a couple of hours to spare so I was unable to participate in the presentations, which I would of loved to sit in on the travel photography.

Tai Chi Demonstration_Travel Adventure Show

Attending a trade show, such as a travel show, can be cumbersome for a lot of folks, so I want to provide you 6 tips on How to Attend a Travel Show for when you decide to check one out:
  1. Create a new email account. You may end up getting an abundance of emails from the travel show, and you’ll be in email overload if you have it going to your current address. Having a separate email account allows you to stay organized and to identify travel show specials that exhibitors may send to you after a show.Thailand_Travel Adventure Show
  2. If you’re someone who likes to gather a lot of information, then you may want to think about bringing a duffle bag on wheels. Many exhibitors give out tote bags, but after awhile, those bags fill up and get heavy fast with a lot of travel brochures. I saw several people with their bags on wheels whisking carefree throughout the travel show; a great way to avoid shoulder and neck  pain. Long Beach Convention Center_Travel Adventure Show
  3. Avoid the rush. A lot of people like to be the first in line when the doors open. I had to pick up our tickets in Will Call and coming later in the day, I was able to walk right up to the check-in table without waiting in any lines. Consider attending the travel show after the first hour to allow the initial crowd to die down. Travel Adventure Show Presentations
  4. Check the show schedule and highlight the demonstrations and presentations you wish to attend. It’s easy to get caught up walking the showroom floor and miss out on some great stuff!
  5. Upon your return  home, sort through your information and organize. If you’re like me, you may have a tendency to pick up too much information from all the excitement. Create a pile of the travel places you’re seriously considering traveling to, a pile of information you just want to look over and then toss, and a pile of brochures/flyers you picked up on a whim and toss. Exhibit Floor_Travel Adventure Show
  6. Dress comfortably. Make sure you have on a comfortable pair of shoes, as you’ll be walking throughout many aisles.

Travel shows are great for planning future travel and possibly winning something fun! Do be aware that it is a haven for time share sign-ups so that trip you think you’re signing up to win may be a ploy to suck you in for a timeshare presentation.

Have any travel show tips you’d like to share? Please do so in the comments below.



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