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How to Pack for an Alaska Cruise

June 22, 2016
Alaska cruise

Planning an Alaska cruise? Well here are five essential travel tips to help you pack a few necessities. Generally, when we think of a cruise we think warm and tropical, but it’s quite the opposite when visiting Alaska. I generally like to pack light, but due to the colder climate, your clothes tend to be a little bulkier.

Here are my recommendations of what you should pack for an Alaska Cruise:

  1. Layered clothing – the temperature in Alaska is unpredictable so you want to dress accordingly. It may be cold in the morning, but by afternoon when that sun is beating down on you, temps tend to escalate quickly.
  2. Rain gear – this was one of the best advice someone told me. Didn’t think of rain gear as a necessity, but trust me when I say it is. I was truly thankful to have invested in a pair of rain pants and for already having a wind breaker that was equipped for rain. Didn’t experience major downpour, but there were some drizzles here and there. It felt great to be prepared and not have to walk around being wet and uncomfortable.

    Alaskan cruise

    Fully prepped for the weather

  3. Hiking boots – depending on what it is you want to do, there is so much to explore in Alaska and having the proper footing is important. I wore my trusty Timberland boots that worked just great!
  4. Binoculars – the wildlife in Alaska is spectacular! I didn’t get to see any bears, but saw plenty of eagles and whales from the cruise ship. If you enjoy creatures in their natural habitat, then you definitely want to invest in a pair of binoculars.

    wildlife on Alaska cruise

    Binoculars get you up close & personal and the zoom on my camera can capture the moment

  5. Camera – there are some cell phones that take incredible photos and video, but when it comes to travel pics, I can’t help but use my Canon. The zoom is amazing providing spectacular shots. You also want to make sure you have plenty of memory cards in case you run out. One other thing, bring along a bag to store your camera to protect it from potential drizzle or rain.

These are my top recommendations on what to pack for an Alaska cruise. To throw in an extra, don’t forget the sunscreen! Although you’re in Alaska that sun can be pretty powerful. Plus, I didn’t find myself using insect repellent, but some people highly recommend it.

Enjoy a few more of my Alaska cruise pics…

Alaska scenery AlaskaJuneau Alaskaview from Alaska cruise ship

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