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Airplane Stretches To Help The Circulation

July 19, 2016

Airplane stretches are essential when traveling, especially if you’re flying more than two hours. Nothing like getting off the plane, ready for your vacation, and you’re completely stiff and sore. (Photo Credit Above: NaturalAwakenings.com)

Here are a few airplane stretches (or airplane yoga as some like to call it) to try on your next flight to ensure good circulation.
airplane stretches

Photo Credit: EvaAir

As the photo indicates, drinking a lot of water is necessary. Limit your alcohol beverages for when you arrive to your destination. Stay hydrated and consider doing these stretches on the hour to keep the blood flowing and your body from tightening up. Another good stretch not shown in the photo above, is to clench and wiggle your toes. We tend to focus on the feet, but toes need love too! In addition to the foot circles, press your toes into the floor and lift your heels, then push down without pressing your heels all the way to the floor – great for the calves.

airplane yoga

Photo Credit: The Globe & Mail.com

The Seated Pigeon Pose is one of my favorite airplane stretches when traveling. This particular pose provides immediate gratification in the stretch allowing the hips to release while getting a good leg stretch. The chair twist is nice release for those that suffer from lower back pain like myself. If you have lower back or neck pain, then you may want to invest in a good travel pillow. For the lower back, I highly recommend the Back Huggar. It’s a little bulky to carry-on, but it’s totally worth it by providing just the right amount of support.

Here’s a quick YouTube video from a massage therapist on a few more great stretches to review and use on your next flight:

Airport Yoga Rooms are also starting to pop up in airports around the U.S. Click here to check out my past post for more information. Just keep in mind that you want to get up and move when flying. It’s great for your mental state as well as your physical body.

What kind of airplane stretches do you like to do?


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