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Flashback Friday: James Dean Last Stop

September 2, 2016
James Dean Last Stop

James Dean Last Stop on Hwy. 46 (intersecting at Hwy. 33)  was a bit of a surprise on my wine weekend getaway. Although this flashback is not so far back, it was a pretty cool discovery. On our drive to Paso Robles, my friend Danielle and I noticed in the midst of nowhere a giant cut out of James Dean at a Texaco gas station. We didn’t give it too much thought except to say, “That’s odd.” Upon our return after a fabulous spectacular weekend, we made a pitstop at this gas station to fill-up. Blackwell's Corner

To our surprise, we discovered that on September 30, 1955, James Dean stopped here for gas. Shortly after en route to Salinas for an auto race, he died in a car crash.

James Dean MemorialThe gas station is also a mini-mart called Blackwell’s Corner located in Lost Hills, CA. Inside, other than the mini-mart, is a ton of branded memorabilia, a diner, and fudge store. If ever in this part of town be sure to make a stop and check it out. It’s definitely a very interesting place.Me & James Dean The Legend

What fascinating and odd attractions have you come across during your travels?


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