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Flashback Friday: Manzanita Village

October 21, 2016

Manzanita Village is a magical place where I did some incredible transformation work with my mentor Michele Benzamin-Miki. In addition to my personal work, I’ve attended a couple of fabulous retreats. Each visit to Manzanita Village has been a profound experience. Because I’m a city girl, the spacious land provides room for me to breathe and think clearly. At night, it’s so dark the stars shine so bright. It almost feels like you can reach out and touch them.

Only a two and half hour drive South of Los Angeles, Manzanita Village is located in Warner Springs, CA. The highway is a scenic route that takes you through the town of Temecula and a winding road that leads you off on a dirt path to the land. Manzanita Village contains a few housing units. It’s a wonderful place for retreats. The units consist of Sukka house, Sati House, Hermitage, and a cozy meeting room.

Manzanita Village ViewThis photo is one of my favorite spots which is at top of the hill. Since this incredible scenic view is set away from everything, it is a perfect place to meditate and reflect. Furthermore, there are other scenic and sacred spots on the land such as a Buddha rock a new labyrinth.

Visit the site for more information and upcoming retreats.

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