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Hawai’i: The Big Island, Part VI – A Final Hawaiian Hurrah

August 3, 2017
Hawaii black sand
We’ve reached the final day with guest blogger Danielle Lescure on her Hawai’i Adventure of The Big Island in the last installment of the 6 part series.

With my flight back to Los Angeles not scheduled until 8:00 in the evening, I knew I had time for one last excursion. I hopped in my rental one last time and headed for Punalu’u Black Sand Beach.  Punalu’u Black Sand BeachPunalu’u Black Sand Beach coastYes, the black sand is the real deal created when lava meets the ocean tide and is smashed into tiny bits. It’s as soft as any beach sand to walk on and surrounded by equally inky hardened lava rock. The beach is also a favorite resting point for sea turtles and several were chilling out when I arrived.

Hawaii sea turtle An unexpected and pleasant surprise as I wandered along the shoreline was discovering Punalu’u also has a lovely fishpond encircled by coconut trees directly behind the beach. The meditative serenity of the pond stood in stark contrast to the fierce and choppy waters of the ocean. A few ducks casually strolled right by me on their way in for a dip. ducks at pondscenic pond
When people think of Hawai’i, it’s often with visions of being beachside and listening to the ocean’s roar. A walk along the Punalu’u shore was the perfect ending to a perfectly fantastic trip.
While I have no doubt the other Hawaiian islands are magnificent in their own right, this is the only one offering glimpses of nature like nowhere else. From stargazing atop the island’s highest summit to strolling past vents pouring steam from its volcanic core, this is an island for explorers and beachcombers alike. Oh, and sunsets. Have I mentioned the sunsets?! Simply brilliant.
hawaii sunset 1hawaii sunset 2
 Sure hope I get to return someday.  


Mahalo, Hawai’i.
Danielle Lescure is a writer and singer in Los Angeles. You can find out more at, tweet a hello @daniellelescure, or check out her blog at


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