About Me

Travel to ColombiaHi! Welcome to Travel Elixir.

My name is Sonja Lee and I LOVE TO TRAVEL. When I was a child I declared that before I died I wanted to travel to California and France. Well fast forward to today, I live in California (have been for over 20 years) and I’ve been to France twice. I knew early on that I wanted to travel. Travel was in my blood and I can’t imagine my life without it. In fact, I loved traveling so much that I went to school for it and obtained an A.A.S in Travel & Tourism as well as a B.S. in Food, Hotel, and Travel Management. I dabbled a bit at a travel agency and worked at a world-renowned hotel; however, I ultimately realized that my passion for travel was not behind a desk but actually getting out and exploring it first hand.

I created this travel blog to share my experiences with others who also share a love for travel and for those who want to travel but don’t because they’re too caught up in the daily grind. As much as I yearn to quit my job and travel the world, we all don’t have that liberty, especially when you’re busy raising a teenager. It’s very easy to get caught up in the grind and we sometimes need to just get away. Travel is my remedy, my elixir, to the monotonous routine of life, and I want to share with you how wonderful it is so it will become your elixir too.

So let’s get started…sit back, grab a glass of wine (or whatever is your drink of choice), and let’s escape the daily grind together!